How to buy or sell cryptocurrency for cash guide

For the purpose of this guide we'll use BTC as a base currency, but the same rules apply to XMR.

AgoraDesk offers two main types of advertisements, online and local advertisements. Through local advertisements you meet up physically with your trading partner and conduct the trade face to face. This guide covers the basics on how to set up local advertisements and how to trade locally.

Is there a market/demand?

It depends on where you live, in larger cities you will find more people interested in buying Bitcoin than out in the countryside. Because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible but most traditional forms of online payment are reversible, selling Bitcoin locally directly for cash makes it much safer to accept payment, as cash is just as irreversible as Bitcoin. Some people appreciate the privacy that cash trades offer. Buying a small amount of Bitcoin with cash is also a great way to get started with Bitcoin without too much hassle.

What if I run out of Bitcoin?

If you run out of Bitcoin you can purchase more quickly from a traditional Bitcoin exchange, though that usually takes a few days as you will need to purchase using a bank transfer.


Make sure you are easily reachable! In your advertisement, specify your favorite place and time to meet. You can include your cell phone number in the advertisement.


All traditional risks that govern money exchanging also relate to Bitcoin trading. Please consider the risks carefully, and use the feedback system and other measures to ensure your safety.

Counterfeit money

There could be cases, where counterfeit money is passed to the Bitcoin seller. Please consider using a counterfeit detector when you do the trades.

OK, so what are the first steps?

  1. Sign up if you haven't done already
  2. Post a trade advertisement
  3. Load Bitcoin to your wallet, if you are selling
  4. Send links to your friends, advertise on social media and locally, wait for the orders to kick in

Please note: Before you start trading as a business, research your country's legislation to see if you are required to apply for any licenses or if there are any other legal requirements.

Happy trading!

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