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👋 Hello, seasoned trader here for far more years than I am willing to admit. Firstly, I want to assure you of the 🔒 security plus 🕵️‍♂️ privacy that I hold for both myself along with my clients is of the highest standards. After all, we only have our word in this life, I stand by mine with 💯 trust, 💪 honesty, £> respect, but most of all, 🔐 privacy. All XMR from FastMoneroDon is methodically churned before it even enters Local in order to better provide higher security along with privacy for my clients. You may pay a little more pence on the listing for this, but trust me, its 💯 worth it! Any data that is exchanged is also meticulously encrypted plus destroyed when needed using methods far surpassing industry standards after all the below terms have passed:

Your data is stored for 180 days on this website I will hold to the same, if no chargeback was filed. However, I reserve the right to hold your data longer should you wish to not need to keep verifying yourself for future purchases. Your data again will be stored then destroyed when requested (Ask me to delete after 180 days I will). I also reserve the right to request reverification or decline a trade should these above terms just mentioned not be met at any time.

For all my potential, future, current, along with past clients these terms will always apply. I also have notifications on 🟢 plus I am available for secure messaging on SimpleX: Early morning / late night GMT using the link below for any questions you may have, or if notifications seam to appear slow here.

Also, I will only carry out transactions on localmonero once you send a message. I am not on other platforms so I advise you, to not fall for scams. I have huge respect for the localmonero website, admin along with guidelines, plus the overall XMR community. However, being straight up along with honest with you, I wish to create some continuous secure plus private transactions for us all🤝✅.

Thank you for reading, happy trading! -FMD


  • My mainest man this one :) Recommend!

  • Very smooth transactions, excellent communication, genuinely the best service I've had on localmonero to date A**

  • Thank you 😊 very fast and so kind 😊

  • superfast and easy trade on repeated occasions

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