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I can use cashapp,venmo, and Zelle. I always write most of the open order on cashapp. Just open one of those and we can use whichever payment method you prefer.

I will never ever, ever write you a contract that I myself would not purchase. You have my word. Before a contract is going though, I will explain the risks to you in chat. But please, if you are not familiar with derivatives, please practice due diligence before buying contracts.

Custom contracts: contact me through chat. Open a contract, we can discuss terms, then I will write based our terms discussed and cancel the listed contract before payment. I will send you the new contract through the agoradesk.

I have 9 years experience on an institutional derivatives desk 3 at ICE and almost 7 a CBOE and have been a quant designated market maker for the last 2 years CBOE.

I'd be happy to offer european binary derivatives (UP to 6 months expiration the last Friday of the month at 4 PM EST, 3 PM CST only functioning at the CBOE) to protect a current price on XMR trades with 1:10 contract share weight and with a short float with a maximum of 80%. If short exceeds 80% above long, short positions will be suspended, not including Puts or covered positions. Current as of 3/12/2021 its 37%. This is very unlikely to happen as XMR is only going up according to analysts. But, the past does not indicate the future.

Sellers and buyers can can be protected from aggressive price flux. If you are interested in this, let me know and I can write an instrument contract at a normal date using the market par rate. European style only, so you may absolutely not execute contracts until the last date to protect short siders from being assigned before last day. I will not accept contracts with arbatage marks. The current board is strike price pulled from XMR listing at CBOE at mark price. I can not write instruments through any other derivatives board ICE, BEST, BATS. They do not accept those types of instruments, yet.

The only shorts positions allowed atm are covered CALLS AND PUTS example +1XMR -10XMR Put OTM, and level 2 contracts Butterly, Condor, Vertical C&P.

Box spreads on European style, nakeds, are absolutely illegal at the moment due to liquidity fears, and I would never recommend it, because of the current liquidity of XMR. If 30 day Vol exceeds 65% premiums will lock until the 1 day vol falls below 10% to protect P side and C side, excluding the last week of the month. This will not protect from Theta decay, be aware. Absolutely, no day trading unless your current XMR interest exceeds 25,000 USD. Algo trading is encouraged for liquidity. But, I will need to approve only known and backtested Algos only.


Instrument written at a maximum of 6 months and a minimum expiration of 5 trade days.

1:10 weight ratio.

1 contract = 10XMR

Short float maximum 80% to protect hedgers and the desk. I'm looking at you WSB.

Nothing above level 2 style on Europeans No Nakeds or Boxes.

Expiration is every month the last friday before 3:30 PM CST listed to a maximum of 6 month advanced. Contracts must be purchased with at least 5 trading sessions left.

European style can not be exercised before exp Friday from 9:30am to 3:00pm est to protect the short positions and functional liquidity.

Premiums can be traded at anytime between 9:30-4 EST.

If 30 day Volatility exceeds 65% premiums will lock in until the 1 day vol falls below 10% to protect P side and C side unless it is the final week before expiration. Then, theta will consistently be in effect.

Theta is calculated on a desk time basis ex: 05 theta = .05USD daily decay per 5 day week.

Premiums are only in USD only and Exercised contracts are only in XMR. CBOE: I can write at 0 per trade at .05USD per contract. Absolutely, no lower unless your current day trading account exceeds 25000USD. They/I can offer free contracts up to 25000usd at 1% on total premium amount:

Contact me through DM to link directly to the desk non-Agroa, CBOE only

The following is a list of jurisdictions approved by Cboe:

British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands


Czech Republic


Hong Kong




Isle of Jersey








United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States


  • Great buyer, Quick and friendly! Good communication~ Would love to trade with them again -YIM68

    2021-03-16 1:32

  • Amazing trade

    2021-03-13 3:47

  • Great buyer—Blacklist22

    2021-02-15 1:56

  • Perfect trade

    2021-01-27 21:15

  • easy swap!

    2021-01-19 13:05

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