Feedback on Redbull

  • Redbull never once responded to any message despite advertising "World-Class Customer Support." Thanks to LM team for successfully arbitrating the dispute and releasing the bond, but this has been months and months of hassle. Buyers should be extra careful

  • Disappeared, like everyone else. Waited a month for release of funds. Thanks for handling that, lxmr team.

  • disappeared

  • dude ran off on me, hope ur alright lil bro

  • Somebody with seller's initials signed for package but never came back online; had to dispute and wait 30 days. I suspect the original seller is no longer in charge of longer trustworthy.

  • Seller disappeared and had to dispute.

  • My first Cash by Mail transaction and took almost a month and had to dispute the transaction. Hope RedBull is OK but was not a clean transaction and so the negative rating was what I gave.

  • Don't buy from seller. Had to get support to release coins in escrow to me after a month because seller went ghost.