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7 minutes

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Fastest release times on LocalMonero.

No BS, just quick and consistent trading. United States only. If you have traded with me before successfully or have a good feedback score on your account, I will be less stringent when it comes to verification. New traders with me and brand new accounts are still subject to US based phone verification.

For fastest trades, initiate chat with me between 6am and 10pm EST. Any other times, please call or text (929) 336-0713.

Latest News:

I don't usually post updates on here, but I was in a car accident last week which left me unable to do anything for a while. I am back and recovering well.

Trading Rules:

  • Please communicate with me clearly if you wish to conduct trades with me.
  • Do not mark trades as paid without confirmation that payment has cleared. - "Processing" or other statuses do not count.
  • No refunds can be issued once a trade is cancelled.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to trade with any buyer on this platform for any reason that I deem suspicious or unsafe.


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