AgoraDesk will be winding down

The winding down process begins May 7th, 2024, and finishes on November 7th, 2024. Our support staff will be available for help throughout this period.
  1. Effective immediately, all new signups and ad postings are disabled;
  2. On May 14th, 2024, new trades will be disabled as well;
  3. On November 7th, 2024, the website will be taken down. Please reclaim any funds from your arbitration bond wallet prior to that date, otherwise the funds may be considered abandoned/forfeited.

LocalBitcoins Alternative

We offer the same fast and easy Bitcoin trading experience that LocalBitcoins used to provide, and more.

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Looking for a LocalBitcoins analogue to trade Bitcoins peer-to-peer without KYC/AML or verification? AgoraDesk is a new P2P platform for trading Bitcoin that was created by the team behind LocalMonero, Monero's equivalent of LocalBitcoins.

Trusted by the community

LocalMonero has operated for over two years, survived the Great Cryptocurrency Market Crash of 2018, and through its community-oriented diligent service became one of the most trusted names in the extremely skeptical Monero community.


AgoraDesk is committed to maintaining the simplicity and straight-forwardness that made the original LocalBitcoins so popular. We do not employ KYC/AML, nor do we ever plan on doing so. We firmly believe that the very concept of KYC/AML is completely antithetical to the very idea of a peer-to-peer over-the-counter exchange such as our own, and until there are no more legal ways on planet Earth to avoid implementing KYC/AML we will do everything we legally can to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Fair fees

Unlike LocalBitcoins, however, we do not charge exorbitant fees when you deposit or withdraw Bitcoins to/from our arbitration bond wallet. There is no deposit fee, and the withdrawal fee is very close to the fee you’d be paying on a normal transaction. Transfers to the wallets of other AgoraDesk users carry no fees at all.

Stellar support

Our support team is fast, responsive and always eager to please. We’ve never had a support ticket that wasn’t answered within 24 hours. We are always easily reachable through social media, we listen intently to your criticisms and we always implement good user suggestions in record time.

Safe and smooth trading

Just like LocalBitcoins, we support any payment method, any currency, anywhere. We do not remove payment methods, and, unlike LocalBitcoins, we fully support face-to-face cash trades. All of our trades are protected by arbitration bond. Thanks to the fact that we require funds to be held in arbitration bond before a trade can start, we ensure a smooth and quick experience for the buyer, which is essential for the popularity of the platform and repeat customers for the sellers.

Fraud prevention

Our arbitration standards are very high, as we do not accept screenshots or other easily-falsifiable documents as proof in disputes. Because of this, we are able to deter a large amount of scammers from trying to scavenger on our platform. We respond quickly to user reports and we issue warnings in regions where there are sudden spikes of scammer activity.

Works without JavaScript

Since AgoraDesk is made by a team with a background in the privacy-oriented Monero community, AgoraDesk inherits the same privacy-oriented bent that LocalMonero has. A user that fully blocks Google services will be able to use our platform without a problem. Our platform is even fully functional without JavaScript, which ensures a level of security and privacy that will never be achievable on other platforms that require JavaScript to operate.

Privacy-centric, censorship-resistant

Our site is easily accessible through our Tor portal (which is tuned for maximum performance for your comfort through our use of advanced onion routing features) and even through an I2P portal. This ensures not only that you will be able to conceal your true IP from us (which we never associate with your account anyway), but that if for whatever reason our normal domain becomes inaccessible to you, there will be other ways for you to access our service. We value your privacy so much, we don’t even require you to provide an email when registering.

AgoraDesk's features include:

No KYC/AML or verification

Any currency, any payment method, anywhere

Online Bitcoin trading

Offline cash face-to-face Bitcoin trading

Full arbitration bond protection on all online trades

No deposit fees, fair withdrawal fees

Fast and responsive support

No email during registration

No-JavaScript version of the site (loads by default when accessing from Tor or I2P)

Fully functional when Google is blocked

Affiliate program - earn commission for inviting trading users

Multilingual: we support English, Russian, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Mobile notifications through Telegram, so that you won't have to install yet another app on your phone just to get push notifications about your trades (LocalBitcoins implemented this feature after us)

Beautiful ads through the use of Markdown

2FA (with TOTP apps like Google Authenticator or andOTP)

Withdraw currencies other than BTC

Complicated pricing mechanisms through the use of price formulas

Fully functional API modeled after LocalBitcoins API for easy transition

and more...

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