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Sell Monero using Cash by mail: Most trusted in Oz. Threema: A93NKSXH Signal: @cryptoguy.69 with Australian Dollar (AUD)


201.71 AUD


Seen 19 hours ago

Payment method:

Trade limits:

Up to 9900.00 AUD


Payment window:

90 minutes

Terms of trade with tlbig

Overnight delivery to Syd, Melb, Bris, Gold Coast and most East Coast locations. Orders received by 3PM Eastern will be shipped same day express post. 2 days to metro SA and WA.

PO box, parcel collect, home address and parcel locker all accepted. If you require a signature on delivery please let me know and I can arrange for no extra charge.

Care is taken to ensure cash is well packaged and masked to prevent theft en route. Two years of trading and zero losses.

In the event the package is lost one half reship will be offered. I reserve the right to decline this offer in extreme cases where foul play or scams are reasonably suspected. This offer covers loss en route not after delivery

PGP key:


mQGNBGWlv34BDADLftXBODV8x5YT1Suv2DCb/qruXcCGFIfE4tC7GdUsVal4A1Qa WK7hzqidknqWdIeLUj3P6RMW7T0LY9cGwg88KGRk7+msrnIBVxBwz9LEEDNHsHGA Avq2i74J+YrOUY0RfqmEE5It1lhJqVtqLfS0q4LrSyrA3Q6PfYUBNWe+iTEEJ4z5 Wg11B4ac3lb9IfmUsJEx89uR3PkKN/HpYDct1khdRREx8HZZsp72kBBld/JIiCnw 5kbnJQVtnJlhMgTnUWP18eCnRuwITag9+KVyVaCjhk0pfad5l6QME3B5XUYcww2d sdHoqUGME8QlZK0ujRLyWjAXKds6JfYAjlWCe1dpZ4gE1FbTgEwp09SsLBas1ZQG jt2r1rfSIacRdmHTwpR/m5SpdMcwSGX4hths8kPa/KUgCgSxt+yR3dpjgLU0kzmk 4huGcMkaZalKOQEeys79yXIJATB750kaiXD9PBK0kFGfEYud0aKBi1MRIrEFJiLt xV8xyAbGnsJWVu8AEQEAAbQXTG9jYWwgPHRsYmlnQHByb3Rvbi5tZT6JAbAEEwEK ABoECwkIBwIVCgIWAQIZAQWCZaW/fgKeAQKbAwAKCRD8Ld7MAPzO4I2eC/92LpXi DL/RRwPabrc+zwARYK/vxRWeVN1cuTqRLki3LO/zwH/ZlJbuSMtiCoMvT6dHdmEC eW/MdRz/tRnOunH5sBuzUSoP/SexFgYW6drabiXXDdOutlWcZqSag9OBcC89e1VI I0wB/hnZthgTGQkxH5/edvmp0+1+eZ+oDoV8tyJKX2Ttw8SlSFQZPZXTXRimhFvb +3u55tm1gHR66jy/bGHcBUwh0Q1kWNTEOdrD/6h7IU4sOiTSREkjThWjl4xLeYep 5kaFsuf/C0BeCHrJ5lhgmcgAMGjY6Z4aL1mwc/tZrjwqwPcY5223MQRawoZFgS73 y3EZsETzvUNBrfsZ14wPOwSsOeSSbn9S1h6rSnzM410tF2+ThsmliUvG3AzTNP/S //S6Zdb3aUuU/gIvzLqoCwCCBJCvOvL46odnPWsio/JKd/caFbKGyu+lOQXahsR/ J9MkECfvBucJLy4ObliR7e6xo/TMumrTKRFM2bvDfxDi0XqbEoR6xKexLES5AY0E ZaW/fgEMAO/vqShH2A/wkY/MyCcKH5ydYIImWmwE73xkCFGc3WMSmG9ly1s7LzOI RX2yHbtwYZQMSOqCm7dP/dCO8fHYNJH2o3BSyxDngSymXbCg/jQVBz+lqPytmVdg gtbfjROd1ggmF0Q+wiXPqqr8GuX9Lcb7Qp5VChi92w3OljxOb7R/F+ZlAb5DmlXR qexHZKB/7t7uY3kFKlGrlYGkLp+7h3E4jzprImuUWFnyZ5Tm9ctaA8FsU3+bLdDQ Q1Xo27IajNHtcadtmdn/A0XFHCJ2dNfbGtLZrvsoLCU6kBICMPK6k4uTHG8NvDJ6 bmLo//FMTdUqVy/Eue1yH4wnvzz4kwItRVLA0/2p6Mi1s5E0LgKC6CB2cmSuTUid aJMGBjR9IPpTrYlBIehuKUrNXNHBKjVN0NzOx61K7zHQQtsdVtCZGsn6F0t343BU uvNS9gU283L44RyMnImJTJ72eJ9OBAvpZ7bj3oWyqoOhP6eFMlenJI4C8hMB2j2P vjsUQuIktwARAQABiQGfBBgBCgAJBYJlpb9+ApsMAAoJEPwt3swA/M7gpBEL/iKc 8iKKytqK3RU3kKN6Rtu1uaQvka5fUpN5Hf3vxLyJIzQePj6crqF7AyrzOMmutdPK czQ3IH7pgmy0YTMXnIMX1HlBfdGIWIz/606EpG+TQEwHOkk1J4zyUr91Bk+3Eswr cAWt6d+aqpNsKitGj+StjQ1ofCWRY7d0u39pyNBFDlO7ICnpnuKXhU6FYJ8eR75K vZJSFZNVRRvOzEhR0ojFnc2lbrclKTy5ydLdrXgX8X5OIViWD8gDXMz7GZ/hXFal pUMl7pub8aTDV89Z8BjXQnHp3wUmIAhafuKzhrDnoMONe9283By/vakC/6ZvXMU6 yYVCLPxj7gp6SPivXMX0rkhlQt5v8N1WmOvWmU15WPhWWYEn004Ae4CSbtsh/kR4 G7D/8gPScC7Nov2O8Ck4pYPIza4hF2H46lZ7urXPk65j27mh90HSLgAcLGeyw1wx cSTTTS60yM2TqVL4WTdCZoc6s1xu2nujze9EAcf4ggg5zqoSD7vn9273ob489g== =rWzb -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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This trade is protected by an arbitration bond


  • Read the ad, and check the terms.
  • Propose a meeting place and contact time, if physical cash is traded.
  • Watch for fraudsters! Check the profile feedback, and take extra caution with recently created accounts.
  • Note that rounding and price fluctuations might change the final Monero amount. The Monero amount is calculated based on the trade currency amount you've entered.

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