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Hi, I'm an XMR seller. I'm here to make sure you get every last decimal point of the XMR you pay for.

Accepted Payment Methods

Cash by mail is my preferred method of sale because it allows you, the buyer, the maintain a higher level of anonymity, but I also accept select instant payment methods such as Apple Pay, Zelle, and Amazon gift cards.

If there is another payment method you would liek to use, simply open a trade via one of my other listings (for the amount you desire), and let me know via chat what it is. I will either accept or decline


Take this for whatever it's worth to you, but I'm not interested in screwing anyone over. I'm here to provide a product, and all I expect is to receive the amount listed. I don't like playing games, but I will shoot the shit with you if you're up for it - that helps a lot of people feel more comfortable


One of the reasons we are on this site - aside from centralized exchanges taking astonomical cuts & charging outrageous fees - is the safety of escrow. I know it's frightening to put an envelope full of cash in the mail and send it to some stranger, but that's why we log all important details in the chat. This protects not only myself, but also YOU.


PGP is available for those who would like to use it. If you are unable to see my full key on my profile page, just ask for it to be provided in the trade chat, and send yours as well. This is not required, but provides a nice extra layer of security and privacy.


  • Simple & Quick, even late Friday night. Many many thanks!!!

    2020-11-07 5:29

  • Fast Trade, Excellent prices, Will trust to trade again in the near future.

    2020-11-07 2:35

  • fast as lightning

    2020-11-05 18:18

  • 2020-10-21 0:56

  • Prompt and easy to communicate with. Thanks!

    2020-10-20 23:26

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