Buy Monero using Cryptocurrency: ✅Any Crypto for XMR👨‍🦲Real Person✅Guide to buy with CC\DB\Bank with Russian Ruble (RUB)


6933.11 RUB


Payment method:

Trade limits:

Up to 416351.42 RUB

How much do you wish to buy?

Please note, the actual XMR amount of the trade may slightly differ from the currently shown amount due to price and exchange rate fluctuations.

Network transaction fees associated with settling the trade will be deducted from the trade amount, meaning you'll receive slightly less than the amount shown.

  • This trader allows maximum of 50 XMR for the first trade with him.

Terms of trade with SuperMegaTurbo

This is for Crypto payments, all options are in the payment window and anything else considered so please just ask.

💰 Larger amounts available on request 💰 First time limit of 50 XMR for new users 💰

If you need to get some crypto first to take advantage of the low fees:

To buy with a Bank Transfer, Visa Credit or Debit sign up for (We both get $25 and its KYC, however once you move the crypto to an address and you get the XMR, its anonymous.) Once signed up, find a cheap crypto in their list like XRP, BNB, XMR or TRON, BCH and click TOP UP. Then press BUY and enter the amount, link your card. It costs 1.5% in fees, but you get cash back of 0.5%. After that sent it over to my address, its actually a great service and highly recommend it as you get high interest paid on your deposits, free network withdraws, cheap loans and a physical Mastercard debit card.

To buy with a bank transfer, download this app here @ and deposit using your bank for a 1% fee on purchases. Buy XRP or BNB and then come and swap that for XMR via my crypto payments which is the cheapest. Check here to see if its supported. This is a fully registered legal business and you can do your own research here:

Once you opened the trade, the Monero (XMR) has been removed from me and placed into the custody of the site so I cannot access it (escrow), deposit which ever crypto you wish to trade to one of the addresses in the payment window.

If you need to know how much to send, let me know or if you get it yourself, please use a large aggregage site, not the price on a single exchange.

Click "I have paid" when its been sent and I will watch for your deposit and check the amount is correct, when it confirms your XMR will be sent to you. Best way is to enter the transaction ID (TXID) here: and tell me the ETA so I can be ready.

If the incorrect amount arrives, we can remake the trade for the amount that arrived, or you top up the rest.

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  • Read the ad, and check the terms.
  • Propose a meeting place and contact time, if physical cash is traded.
  • Watch for fraudsters! Check the profile feedback, and take extra caution with recently created accounts.
  • Note that rounding and price fluctuations might change the final Monero amount. The Monero amount is calculated based on the trade currency amount you've entered.

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